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Privacy Breach

on January 23, 2013

I found out yesterday that I was one of the lucky 583,000 Canada student loan borrowers who had their personal information stolen/lost from the HRSDC. I am left trying to figure out what exactly this means for me and am spending hours on the phone trying to get this sorted out. If you haven’t heard, a portable hard-drive that contains SIN, addresses, phone numbers and date of birth for people who had a Canadian student loan between 2000-2006 has been lost. If you had a student loan you should checkout this website: http://www.canlearn.ca/eng/main/spotlighton/privacy/index.shtml

My question is…why would they have that kind of personal information on a portable hard drive? Why wouldn’t it be on a server? Why is it all of the provinces except Quebec, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories were effected? Why couldn’t they lose something better, like how much we all have left to pay? And why did it take 2 months for the HRSDC to let the public know?

The thing that bothers me is that when I called the woman was so nonchalant. She said “Oh yeah your information was lost”. Umm yay me, I’m certainly winning the craptastic lottery these days. The lady then told me they were going to send me a letter and I would have it in 7-10 days. Umm why haven’t the letters already been sent out? They know who’s information was “lost”. She also told me that there was an apology in the letter. Oh yay an apology, not an offer to pay for the credit check I had to run to make sure no one has used this information against me.

I had to call Equifax and Trans Union to get them to put a Fraud Check on my name for the next 6 years. You would think this would be a some what painless effort, but that’s not really the case. It took me over an hour talking to an Equifax computer to find out that my application had been declined. Seriously…declined. When I ran the credit report I found out they have my address as an old address as my primary….how does that even happen?

Today I get to continue my effort of making sure no one can open any accounts under my name with out me knowing…fun! 🙂

9 responses to “Privacy Breach

  1. zcher says:

    That totally sucks! I had something similiar happen a few years back. A few months ago I was checking my report and they had an address for me in another state. It took me a month to explain I had never lived in that state and to get that address removed from all 3 credit reports. Good luck with it all!

  2. Geoff says:

    If you’re anyhting like me you’ll reset your passwords, forget those passwords, and effectually lock yourself out.

  3. Megan says:

    Thanks for this – I just called and I’m not effected. You sure are right with describing it as ‘craptastic lottery’ winnings you’ve had recently! Love you!

  4. Poppy says:

    Renee, that is terrible. What an enormous drag. Hang in there, girl. This, too, you shall overcome.

    Love your writing, btw.

    ” Why couldn’t they lose something better, like how much we all have left to pay?”

    Too true and too funny! Good luck with the bureaucracy.

  5. Steph'ers says:

    I also was affected by the privacy breach. They told me the day I called the letters had been sent out. That was over two weeks ago. Then I heard that they haven’t sent the letters out because of something to do with them supplying credit checks. So honestly who knows what the heck they are doing up there in Quebec where their residents weren’t affected. There is a few class action suits taking place if you weren’t aware. Very possibly nothing will come of it but maybe something will. I joined the Buckingham Law facebook group. Gives you some up to date info on what is taking place.

    Been following your posts and I really enjoy reading them. Everyone needs an outlet and I think what your doing is amazing. I am sure you will be inspiration for others who have struggles they are trying to overcome.

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