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Couch Potato

on March 6, 2013

What do you do when you can’t do anything? I don’t normally watch a lot of television, so it feels odd to lay on the couch watching show after show. I was sent Sudoku and Search a Word books (thanks Kim), they are keeping my brain from turning to mush. Yesterday mom took me for a drive, it was nice to get out of the house!

I guess you could say I’m bored. What I would give to go for a walk, but by the time I made it to the end of my driveway, I would have to turn around and try to walk back up it. I did walk around Shopper’s Drug Mart yesterday because I needed to pick up some more gauze, paper tape and a thermometer for chemo. I was hoping to go for a drive again today and maybe go for a slow walk around the grocery store, but my car is a standard and I don’t want my mom to take me for a drive with it, in case she’s jerky (it’s been a while since she’s driven a standard).

I often sit and think about being in the hospital, I can’t get rid of the memories. However, one moment I will never forget, nor do I want to forget…I was in the middle of a horrible hot flash and couldn’t get cooled down. My dad opened the window and took a pillow and fanned me with the cool air. It was probably one of the happiest moments I have ever had!

So here I am, 2 weeks post op, feeling better….well enough to be bored, 2 weeks from driving again and 4 weeks before I can lift anything and can do my own housework! For now I can listen to music and dream about dancing!

9 responses to “Couch Potato

  1. Bruce says:

    Hey Renee …one of the biggest things we neglect in western medicine is the power of the mind ..the ability to have a clear mind is much more powerful then most expert believe ..so here is my suggestion ….get a nice book that you can read and get disconnect with…practice breathing 4..7..8 this simple practice I can show it to you on our next meeting …most off all right your self a book not of simple gratitude that will maintain your health and your mind positive …and if you watch tv opt for comedy

  2. goldeygrad97 says:

    I read…a lot. My kindle became my best friend. But I also started chemo less than three weeks out, so I wasn’t so bored as much sick. Do you craft at all? I did (and still do) knitting. And Pinterest. I became a Interest junkie.

    Also make sure they give you scripts for BOTH zofran and compazine. They are both for nausea. When one doesn’t work the other will. And I can say from experience, head coverings like scarves and wigs suck when you have hot flashes. I only wear a hat when I go outside to keep my noggin warm. Otherwise, I go au naturale.

    Your job right now is to park it on the sofa and regain some strength. You will need it when chemo starts. I know it is boring, but you need to be as strong as possible when chemo starts. *hugs*

    • I don’t know if it’s just me, but after surgery I always have this brain fog. Thankfully I am coming out of it and will get back to reading! I don’t knit, but I do cross-stitch…I’m sure it will come in handy over the next many months.

      It will be so weird to be bald! I can’t even begin to imagine what it will be like, but know that it will happen soon so I keep looking at myself in the mirror. I think I’ll do something crazy, like dye my hair purple before I shave it! I’m not going to get a wig, I thought about it, but figure it would be more annoying then helpful. I have a couple hats and I got a headscarf from Good Wishes.

      I am getting lots of rest, it’s just so darn boring!! Ha…I guess I should get used to it though, cause once chemo starts I probably will be house bound more often then not!

      • goldeygrad97 says:

        Yeah…my oncologist doesn’t like me out among the public if my numbrrs are low, which mine have been. Talk about cabin fever! To be honest I felt worse during radiation than I did during chemo, except for these last two cycles.

        I cut my hair short before chemo. Much easier to clean up. Not all of my hair fell out, so we just buzzed it short to help with the mess of it falling out. What was weird was losing my eye lashes! That was just strange.

  3. zcher says:

    Oh the boredom is one of the worst things. It becomes so frustrating when you don’t feel well enough to be out and about, yet you just cannot stay in another minute. Hence I believe this is the reason I finished my Ph.D. while dealing with surgery and chemo. Although now I wonder how the heck I did that because my brain was definitely foggy.

    I can say I also watched alot of HGTV!

    • I’ve been thinking about going back to school but need to take chemistry first, so I may do that while I am doing chemo. Hopefully I can fight the brain fog, but I’m sure it will mess with me over time!

  4. Well so glad ur feeling a bit better but rest and relaxe, my sister-in-law just finished up chemo the middle of december then she had radatation and she wasn’t terribally sick but after chemo there was about 2 days she felt bad but around the 3rd day she was up and about but don’t rush yourself just get healed up take it easy and before you know it things will start looking a whole lot better,and remember ur a strong young lady ,But do remember you are in our thoughts and prayers every day hoping you all the best, chin up there is gonna be better days ahead and always think positive, AFA and lots of hugs coming your way from us,my sister-in law had breast cancer, but she is doing alot better now, and so will you real soon,and do remember keep think positive Lee Ann,

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