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Finally Some Good News

on March 14, 2013

Yesterday I met with the oncologist and she was able to tell me about the pathology report. The cancer didn’t spread!!! Everything came back clean and clear. If I could dance I would, but rest assured I am dancing in my head!

So, what now? Well I still don’t know. The oncologist wanted to talk to the surgeon who did my first surgery before she recommended her final treatment plan. It is a little confusing to me because the GYN-oncologic surgeon who did my hysterectomy told me that I would have to have chemo to be on the safe side, due to the endometriosis. I guess we will wait to see what this new oncologist decides and we’ll go from there.

I also have a part of my incision that isn’t healing very well, so we need to give it time to heal from the inside-out (yup it’s as gross as it sounds), before I can start chemo. I see the oncologist again in 2 weeks, and if it’s a go with chemo it would probably start about 1 week after that…so hopefully in 3 weeks my hole will be healed!

Now that you’ve read my news, you can go do a happy dance for me!

36 responses to “Finally Some Good News

  1. sierra says:

    πŸ™‚ had a big smile on my face when I read this so glad things are looking up for ya πŸ™‚ once you are feeling better you deserve to have the biggest and happiest party a person can have Congrats on the good news

  2. Andrea Benjamin says:

    Thats great news Renee, so happy to hear that it didn’t spread! There will be lots of happy dances done for you:)

  3. Robin says:

    Happy to hear your excellent news! Doing a dance for you πŸ™‚

  4. K Cook says:

    Such good news! Soon you will be doing your own happy dance little woman!!! good stuff.

  5. Patsy says:

    YAY! So happy that you got some dance-y news! ❀

  6. barb jphnston says:

    Best News of the day,,!So Happy for you

  7. WOOOOT! Awesome News. I’m Club Montreal Jello Pool Happy Dancing right now!!!!

  8. Jamie says:

    Fuck yeah! Way to keep kicking that cancer’s ass! I can’t stop smiling. Hurray for some good news.

  9. Sasha says:

    Happily dancing!!! Well I will be as soon as I get myself outta bed πŸ™‚ So happy to hear this!!

  10. Danielle says:

    Very happy to hear the good news Renee!

  11. Kim Patrick says:

    Fantastic news Renee!

  12. sherry kirkpatrick morton says:

    Yeah !! wonderful news,So very delighted for you and Owen,

  13. Megan says:

    Yay! Bryce and I will do a happy dance for you as I’m home from work to take care of a sick boy. Love you!

  14. Amelia Kirkpatrick says:

    Think we now have 25 people dancing to your music in our kitchens etc……Wonderful news…so happy for you and for our family to have you on the road to healthyness again.

  15. Carrie says:

    That’s amazing news Renee!!! Robbie and I are doing an Australian happy dance for you!! πŸ™‚

  16. Well that is great news Renee, so so Happy for you and Owen, and ur family ,Just new u would kick it in the butt, and you are a very strong young women , and we will all bein a Happy Happy dance for u, and won,t be long you will be doing the happy dance along with us all,Good luck to you every step of the way Smile and be happy thats great news, still hugs and prayers coming your way, Smile and Be Happy Renee,ttul

  17. Rob says:

    So happy that you received some good news, Renee! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that there is more on the way! Take care :)))

  18. Danielle Hey says:

    Hi Renee, glad to hear your good news. I heard that Dr. Burnell is very thorough and a perfectionist, so that’s probably why she wants to get more info from your surgeon before she makes her final recommendation. I met with her on March 12(1st consult) and she had just received my final biopsy report from George-Dumont, but she needs it translated as it was in French. So I’m seeing her again on March 28 for her plan…

    • Hey Danielle, I think meet her kind of threw me for a loop because I thought I knew the plan and to have it maybe change just made my head spin. However, I’m sure that in the end everything will work out the way it should. I go back to see her on March 26th and will have her plan at that time. It’s just hard waiting, which I’m sure you understand very well! Are you going to go to book club next week?

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