Happy Cancer Girl

A Happy Girls Journey with Cancer

Surgery Again Today

on April 24, 2013

I know I promised a post about the package I received in the mail last week, I swear it is coming! The life of a cancer patient often takes unexpected twists and turns. It turns out I have crappy veins, they are deep and small and they like to roll. When the nurses try to put the IV in my arm, they tend to blow my veins (which is leaving big bruises that aren’t going away), and they have to try multiple times to get the IV into a vein that is good enough.

Chemo makes your veins shrink over time, so the doctor has given permission for me to have a port put into my chest. A port is a small device that is installed beneath the skin. A catheter connects the port to a vein. The port will allow the chemo drugs and blood to be taken from one simple poke, no more digging around for veins.

The surgery is a day surgery and should only be 1.5-2 hours long. It really is minor compared to the other surgery’s I have had. I believe I will have a local anaesthetic and some happy drugs through IV. I’m glad I won’t be going under general anaesthesia this time, the brain fog after stays with me for weeks!

I will try to post again this week to let you all know how everything goes today!

14 responses to “Surgery Again Today

  1. Andrea says:

    Good luck Renee, keeping you in my thoughts!

  2. Patsy says:

    Thinking of you, Renee! Love you, brave girl ā¤

  3. Renee says:

    I go through the same thing every time I have to have IV. I have bloodwork once a month because of my arthritis and its a big process.
    I love reading these updates and how positive you are remaining. You are one strong woman!!

  4. Martha Mclean(McDougall) says:

    Renee: I love reading your blogs, as they always have a positive vibe about them no matter how crappy the issue may be. Keep your head up.. You too can beat cancer!!!!!

  5. Poppy says:

    Renee, good luck! Thinking of you today.

  6. wendy says:

    Renee…you truly are inspiring, even though I realize you are facing tremendous challenges, you are still out there being a beacon for others, hugs to you, we are all cheering you along! xoxo wendy

  7. jess a. levy says:

    Thinking of you Renee xo

  8. Amanda says:

    Good luck Renee!!!! This is one step closer to the end šŸ™‚ Hugs x 10

  9. Rachel aka little sister says:

    Praying for you & thinking of you every day! Love ya! xxoo

  10. Megan says:

    Good luck and know I’m sending positive vibes your way – love you!

  11. Anita Finnamore says:

    Good luck Renee, praying for you , and we all love you.

  12. zcher says:

    Hopefully you were able to get your port. It is so incredibly helpful. One little tip, ask them for numbing cream. You put it on like a half hour before you are going to be accessed for bloodwork or chemo. It isn’t that it hurts terribly to be accessed, but why feel the needle into your chest if you don’t have to!

    • I did get the port! It’s pretty great, but this morning it took 4 pokes to get it working!

      • zcher says:

        get that cream! It will help if they have to poke you multiple times. It shouldn’t take 4 pokes normally, usually it is just one. On rare occasions it gets blocked and needs to be tweeked. But overall it is so much better than arm poking. They don’t like to poke multiple times either because infection is an issue with the central lines. Hope you are feeling well through it!

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