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Chemo #5 and Chemo #6

on May 17, 2013

The last couple of weeks have been my easier weeks, but I have to admit that the taxol is taking its toll on me. My hair is still falling out, which is ok, but my hair follicles are swollen and sensitive. My toes are starting to go numb, it’s a weird feeling, almost like they are asleep. Mouth sores are also common when taking taxol, I had a canker sore but I’m not convinced it was chemo related. Sometimes I just get canker sores! This week I have been really tired and have been taking naps, going to bed early and sleeping in longer.

This past Monday I went to a program for women with cancer called “Look Good Feel Better”. The workshop was 2 hrs of pampering. The volunteers showed us how to put on makeup, to help hide some of effects that cancer has on our bodies. For example, how to hide the dark circles under your eyes, how to make it look like you have eye brows or eye lashes, and more importantly how to just feel good about yourself. At the end of the workshop we got to take home a big box of cosmetics, it was truly an amazing experience. I’m not really a makeup kind of person, but it was nice spending time with woman who are going through the same thing as me. You can learn more about the program here.

Next week I start the first chemo of my third cycle, which means that I have both carboplatin and taxol…it will be a rough week for me. Thankfully I have figured out my nausea medication, which helps make me feel a bit better, but I will still have a few days that I will spend in bed.

It’s a long weekend here in Canada, I hope that you are all going to enjoy it! I am visiting my family which is really nice. I’ve heard that Daft Punk’s – Get Lucky is going to be the song of the summer. I haven’t decided if I like it or not….maybe it’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just not what I would expect from Daft Punk. Anyway, here’s the song for you to decide for yourself!

11 responses to “Chemo #5 and Chemo #6

  1. NotDownOrOut says:

    I took Taxol and Carboplatin together, too. I drank ginger ale made with real ginger–Canada Dry brand. Warm, cold, it didn’t matter. It helped. Hang in there.

    • Thanks for the advice. I have been eating soft ginger chews, they do help my stomach and if I eat one about 30 minutes before I plan to eat, I don’t feel as bad. I went and bought some ginger ale, I’m not a big fan, probably because I asked for it as a child when I was sick, however I do what I can to help me feel better!!

      • NotDownOrOut says:

        I smiled at your recollection of childhood treatments that still carry memories. I love my mom, but she hates sickness. When we were kids she would come home from work, whip back the blankets and spray us with Lysol to kill the germs! We still give her a hard time about flashbacks when we smell antiseptic spray. You do whatever makes you feel good! You have earned the right to be happycancergirl.

      • Moms are kind of crazy when it comes to their sick kids! I remember taking baths with some stinky solution when some bug was going our elementary school.

  2. Hi Renee, it sure was nice hearing from you and you are a strong young women , its nice you are spending time with your family, its been a rough streatch for you and you have all kinds of people out here thinking and praying for you,and we are pulling for you every step of the way,and hope you have a great weekend with your family,will ttul keep us updated on how your mending,so have a great weekend and try to enjoy yourself family is so great spending time with.ttul,

  3. zcher says:

    Hi there. Quick word of warning when you get the neuropathy in your feet. Be very careful to wear totally flat shoes, even a little wedge and you can hurt yourself. When you step down on your feet, you cannot always feel every part of your foot and you can twist your ankle. I used to love my heels, I’m still not wearing them again.

    With mouth sores of any kind that are IN the mouth, there is a salt, baking soda, warm water recipe that works. I have been getting them on the outside of my lip, looking like a a canker sore each and every time I have had chemo the past few cycles..and they take forever to heal!!!

    Rest when you need to, it is important. And just take one day, one treatment at a time. it is the chemo making you feel like crap, not the cancer, and I always feel like that is a good way to try to direct your mind to focus on the icky feelings as killing that cancer!

    Feel better!

    • Thanks for the advice! I never would have thought about heels or wedge’s, thankfully I don’t wear them often, so not wearing them won’t be an issue. Now that it’s flip-flop season I will have flats on, but I almost wonder if I should wear my sneakers….my poor toes could be damaged in flip-flops this year!

      I have been using baking soda and water to rinse my mouth, and a mouthwash without alcohol. They are a pain and your right they take forever to heal. I also bit the inside of my check one day and of course it’s swollen and is taking it’s time healing!

      Sometimes I feel guilty napping in the afternoon, but I think I am getting over it. I got a lot of sleep last week and will do the same this week. Your right about the chemo, it’s making me feel crappy, the cancer didn’t have any symptoms…the chemo is killing the cancer! πŸ™‚

      I hope your having a good week!

      • zcher says:

        I’ve been having to do the nap thing myself. In fact, I haven’t left the house in a few days. Every day brings us closer to the end of chemo though. That is the only way I can look at it at this point! Hope you are doing well!

      • I’ve been trying to catch up on some much needed reading. It gets me out of my head which is a good thing. Every day does bring us closer to the end of chemo, thank goodness. It is a rough road to be on, I’m glad to have support from you and a few others who have travelled the same road. Healthy people just don’t understand the bowel issues that go along with chemo!!! I remember one of your posts talking about how you wouldn’t eat before teaching…and I thought wow that really sucks for her. Then one day I was at Sears and got really hot and looked at my mom and said “I’ve got to go to the bathroom”, I swear I almost pooped in my pants. I barely made it to the washroom. I was mortified, because I hate using public washrooms and would NEVER normally have a bowel movement in one!!! It was like one of those stupid comedies, where a man is in the bathroom with his pants around his ankles and he’s making all kinds of gross noises while he is having a poo. (I hope this made you laugh, and didn’t gross you out!)

  4. Amanda says:

    πŸ™‚ I just heard from a friend today that that will be the song of the summer! I think I like it. I’ll have to listen a few more times!

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