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A Happy Girls Journey with Cancer

Chemo #9 and #10

Hey everyone, I hope you have been out enjoying some of the great summer weather we have been having! I wish I could say that I have been, but it wouldn’t really be the truth. On the hot days I have to hide in my basement because the heat gives me really bad hot flashes and also makes me feel sick. I hope this is just a chemo thing and not a menopause thing because I have always enjoyed hot days!

With the completion of chemo #9, I am officially halfway through! That’s pretty exciting for me. Owen bought me a nice pair of earrings to celebrate making it this far. Chemo #9 was a rough week and not because it was a double drug week, in fact it was only taxol. As I have mentioned before I seem to be growing increasingly tired, this week was no exception. In fact I was so tired that I had to have naps after completing the smallest of tasks. I baked a friends wedding cake, I was glad I was able to do it for her. I was able to attend her wedding, but had to leave before dinner because I felt really sick. It was a long week and I wasn’t looking forward to chemo #10.

The morning of chemo #10 the hospital called and told me my blood counts were low and I was going to receive a blood transfusion with 2 units of blood. They told me to be prepared to be there all day because I was still going to have chemo. This was a double drug week which takes longer then just the taxol week, so I ended up being at the hospital from 9 until 5:30. It was a pretty long day.


The fact that I can still look happy while having a blood transfusion amazes me!

The new chemical free blood was such a help. Yes I was tired because I always am during this week. The zofran (nausea pill) makes me sleepy so I had a nap everyday. But, on Thursday I was able to go out with my mom for a bit and Friday I was able to do a little shopping. Saturday I went to a pool/dinner party and was able to eat. Sunday Owen’s family came to visit and I made a rhubarb vinaigrette and a Waldorf salad. I had more energy then I’ve had in a long time, it was wonderful.

I bought a book on knitting (it’s on my list for living) and have actually completed a small bag (for my niece) and a cell phone case (that I did a horrible job on) and am now working on a tablet cover (which is looking super awesome).


Have you heard of The Color Run? It’s a global 5K run and it looks like a ton of fun! I am going to add it to my list for living and hope that it is something I can do next summer. Check out the video, there is likely a Color Run at a city near you!


A Package Full of Sunshine

A couple weeks ago I came home from the hospital and found a package in the mail. I admit I was super excited, it’s always nice to receive something that isn’t bills or junk mail! I looked at the return address and it said The Get Well Gang. I didn’t know what was in the box, or how The Get Well Gang had received my address, so like a child I shook the box and tried to figure out what it was.

When I opened the box I was blown away. Sitting in the box was a couple beautiful hats, but as I took out one hat, I realized there was another hat under it and then another and another. The box had 6 hats in it!!! Each hat had a card attached with the person’s name who had knit it. The box also had a nice note that included well wishes, the groups web address, email address and mailing address.

I emailed Gretchen Huntley the founder of the group to express my gratitude and to ask permission to blog about the group and the wonderful hats that I received. She told me that the request for the hats came from my friend Krissy and she was glad I liked the hats that she picked out for me. The day that Gretchen emailed me, she told me she had just sent out 264 hats for a total of over 23,000 hats in 10 years!

If you know how to knit or crochet and you would like to volunteer, you can contact Gretchen by email: info@getwellgang.ca or phone: 613-382-4576. If you don’t know how to knit or crochet money donations are greatly appreciated. Checks can be made out to The Get Well Gang and sent to the following mailing address:

Gretchen Huntley

4767 Hwy #2, RR #3

Gananoque, Ontario

K7G 2V5

The organization is small so they do not have a charitable number at this time so they will not be able to send out any tax receipts. However it would mean a lot to me if you decide to support this group by volunteer or by donation.

Now, how about some pictures. I’m not a great model and most or all of the pictures are selfies, but I have to show you these hats!!





After I corresponded with Gretchen I gave her my blog address, as I did ask if I could blog out her organization. After she read my posts she asked me if I would like her to send me copies of her children’s book to give to my nieces and nephews. I said yes, as it’s hard to explain to them what is really going on with me. The book I received is so cute and so well thought out. It is called Mama Grog Gets Sick and is about a little family who’s mother has cancer, has to take naps, loses her feathers and then when she is better her feathers grow back curly. The book is super sweet and I can’t wait to give the copies to the kids!

I hope you are all having a good day. The sun is shining and the air is warm here!!


Crazy Sexy Cancer Book Review

I am a reader, that is a fact. I read a lot of books every year and challenge myself to read more. I like a wide range of books and I always find it helpful to read books when I want to learn something new. So I bought some cancer books. I was shocked that there were so few, but I was thankful to find some really great books written by Kris Carr. I had heard about Kris’s Crazy Sexy Diet but didn’t know her story. I bought a copy of Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips, Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor and of course Crazy Sexy Kitchen because I LOVE cookbooks and wanted to know what types of food Ms. Karr has been eating!


Kris has been diagnosed with an incurable cancer, but thankfully it is slow moving. Her books are full of tips such as making a cancer posse full of woman who also have cancer or are cancer survivor’s, allow yourself 3 days to have a pity party but then pack it up and get going with your life (yes you can have pity parties again, but only allow 3 days each time), make sure you indulge in some retail therapy (I won’t argue there), journal (or in my case blog) and many other tips. The books are positive and uplighting and exactly what I needed when I found out I had cancer. As great as the books are there is something missing, she talks about surgery and treatments but she hasn’t actually gone through them herself. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, BUT a lot of people who have cancer do have to have surgery and will go through treatments. The other thing that was hard to relate with is the fact that she is/was a actress/model and all of her friends that she has in the book are also in the entertainment industry. However, it is her story and like I said it was exactly what I needed those first few days.

As for the cookbook, it is filled with 150 plant based recipes which is right up my alley. If you are interested in the recipes she has some one her website here: http://kriscarr.com/recipes/

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t actually made any of the recipes from the cookbook yet or her website, but they do look good! If you have made some of her recipes please let me know what your favourites are.

Kris has also done a documentary on her journey of trying to find a cure and how to live with the cancer that she has, I haven’t watched it yet, but here is the trailer:

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