Happy Cancer Girl

A Happy Girls Journey with Cancer

Chemo #1

I made it through my first chemo treatment. The nurses at the hospital are amazing and made me feel really comfortable. I was a bit nervous but once things got started I was ok. The treatment took 4.5 hrs, thankfully I was able to keep busy by writing a blog post, reading on the internet and colouring a picture of a Care Bear.


During my treatment I was a little cold so they gave me a warm blanket. I will be better prepared next time because I have received lovely blankets to take to the hospital with me. I thought I wouldn’t be cold, so I left my blanket in the car!

Receiving the chemo drugs didn’t hurt, putting the IV in to start the treatment was another story. They blew one of my veins on the first try, it hurt! Thankfully the second try wasn’t as bad, however my arm looks like someone beat me with a small hammer!

I was tired when I got home from the hospital, I’m sure it was a combination of the drugs and the long day. I was able to sleep through the night and when I woke up I was feeling ok. Not great, but well enough to get up, have some breakfast and take a handful of drugs. I even managed to go to the grocery store with my mom! My face was really red and hot, but I didn’t have a fever. I needed to have a nap late in the afternoon, I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I had really bad hot flashes during the evening. I woke up through the night with some joint pain but it went away after taking a couple Tylenol.

This morning I’m feeling ok, again not 100% but I don’t feel like I’m on my death bed either. I would feel like the luckiest girl on earth if all of my treatments go this way! My next two treatments are only 1 drug and should go pretty smoothly with very little side effects.

I hope you all have a great day!


Happy Friday!

I don’t know if it’s because of the super cold weather but I feel like this week has been incredibly long! I’ve spent countless hours on the phone trying to make sure no one can steal my identity or credit and of course hours looking up hysterectomies and the recovery from that surgery. So I’m glad it is finally Friday…and not just any Friday, today I get to have girls night with some very lovely ladies who I haven’t seen in way too long!

I came across this video the other day, I really hope that I can have this much fun when I am doing chemo! Have a great weekend everyone!