Happy Cancer Girl

A Happy Girls Journey with Cancer

I Feel Lucky

I am a lucky person, let me count the ways. I think everyone goes through a rough patch and times in their lives where they think things can’t possibly get any worse. We have things happen where it’s really hard to think about all the good stuff that is still going on around us. If you’re having a really shitty day, stop and think about something positive, because no matter how bad your day is, something good probably happened also.

As I have mentioned before I am going to Simply for Life, it’s not just about changing your eating habits, or getting more exercise, it’s also about your mental health and thinking about the positives in your life. Bruce has asked me to write down 3 positive things about my day each night before I go to bed. 3 things that you are thankful for…try it tonight, I dare ya! 🙂

I received a book yesterday called “You are Not Alone” from Ovarian Cancer Canada, and as I was reading through it I started to feel overwhelmed. The book did say don’t read through the whole thing, read sections when you need them…but I’m not like that, I really want all of my information at once. I was reading about the effects of surgical menopause and also the effects of chemo and it was down right depressing. I had to stop myself from going into that downward spiral and started to think about the good things about my day, the best part of my day was when I ran into a friend at Starbucks. We were able to sit down and have coffee and catch up and it was wonderful.

Today I wanted to say, I am lucky and I am thankful for each day that I get to be alive. I have a wonderful husband who is supportive and so very kind. I have parents who love me and want to be here for me. In-laws who call and see how I am doing and who will look after Georgia when ever she needs a place to stay. A sister who Face times with me so I can see the kids. Sisters-in-law who call and talk and who I know are there for me if I need them. Nieces and nephews who let me love them and brighten my day by just thinking about them. Cousins who call or write and show their love. Friends…so many friends have reached out to offer their support. Facebook can be a curse, but it can keep you in touch with those that you can’t see everyday.

So please know this, you are a positive in my life every single day and I thank you for that….every little thing is gonna be alright!